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John Jezzini

The Cannabis Industry

Meet John Jezzini

John Jezzini, the CEO and Founder of Growth Network Holdings, is an entrepreneur and maverick within the cannabis space. Beginning his career in real estate, John moved to the cannabis industry upon realizing the incredible potential it held. At the time, the industry was just beginning to grow but lacked meaningful structure. With his background in business and real estate, John possessed the experience and skills needed to create a thriving cannabis ecosystem. 

In 2009, John made the official foray into cannabis beginning with cultivation. He hired several botanists and, together, they began working on their own fertilizer and growing processes that would create higher yields. Their work together was successful—they developed proprietary cultivation methodologies that result in the strongest plants, market-leading profit margins, and larger yields. His entrance into the cannabis space quickly marked John Jezzini as an innovator and prominent industrial designer for cultivation and distribution systems in the cannabis industry.

Growth Network Holdings is the culmination of John’s hard work and vision of the cannabis industry’s potential. Since its inception, his company has worked diligently on building a portfolio of world-class brands through their vertically-integrated ecosystem. Servicing all aspects of the supply chain, Growth Network Holdings cultivates, manufactures, distributes, offers retail services, and works with other white labeled brands.

Their approach sets them apart from companies in the marketplace. As they are able to completely control the supply chain, branding, and distribution in house, they have the ability to offer incredible savings to their partners while also creating a scalable business. 

Understanding that cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all kind of industry, it is John and his team’s goal to create a portfolio whose brands deeply resonate with specific consumers within a wide range of demographics and product preferences. To John Jezzini, this goal would help to fix one of the many gaps within the cannabis marketplace. For instance, since 2011, John has operated several dispensaries across Los Angeles. During his time in retail, he realized that one of the largest gaps was an inclusive retail experience that catered to both connoisseurs and the cannabis curious. Out of this realization, The High Note was born. 

Modeled after speakeasies of the past as a nod to the current cannabis prohibition repeal, The High Note offers a consumer-focused retail experience with a high-end feel. Growth Network Holdings also works with Ervana Craft Cannabis, Coalition, and Amigo Cannabis—three cannabis trailblazers, each offering their users a unique experience. 

In addition to his passion for innovation within the cannabis industry, John Jezzini is also an ardent believer in corporate and cultural responsibility. Through Ervana, one of Growth Network Holdings’ partners, John and his team work with One Tree Planted, an organization that plants trees for every ounce of cannabis the company sells. John has also developed the Jezzini Learning Center through Midnight Mission and their sister charity, Home Light, that works with homeless children to help them bridge the gap in their education so they can integrate back into their grade level. 

For more information on John Jezzini and his innovation within the cannabis marketplace, be sure to visit his blog.