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As cannabis becomes legal in states around the country, and with the potential for federal legalization, the cannabis industry has boomed with job opportunities. There are tons of jobs for people of all kinds, from retail to production and everything in between. The following are just a few of the positions you will see in the cannabis industry.


Although the name may suggest a position akin to a bartender, budtenders are actually more similar to a sommelier for marijuana. Budtenders can give information about different products and strains that are available at a dispensary, and they can recommend products to help treat symptoms of various conditions. Whether in a medical-only or recreational state, budtenders act as the experts in product recommendations, not dissimilar to non-cannabis retail jobs.

Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are common in the cannabis industry, moving products from production plants to dispensaries. Additionally, there may be delivery drivers for individuals’ orders, particularly in states with recreational legalization. These jobs are quite popular, particularly since COVID-19 disrupted people’s ability to visit dispensaries.


People who work with cannabis plants directly and foster their growth from seed to harvest are considered working in cultivation. This position will grow the plants, harvest them, trim them, and dry them to move on to the next stages of production. This job is the most hands-on in the cannabis industry, and it does not necessarily require extensive knowledge to start at a low level, as on-the-job training often covers all crucial information. Since all cannabis products start with the seed, expert cultivators are in high demand.

Other Positions

Aside from the previous positions, there are tons of other opportunities in the cannabis industry that exist in all other industries. For example, you still have many business positions keeping all companies running smoothly, such as managers, finance professionals, sales reps, marketers, lawyers, designers, customer service reps, procurement, and many many more. There are also scientific positions which can focus on cultivation, testing, or product development. Many of the other positions in this industry are found in completely unrelated fields as well, so do not be discouraged if most cannabis-specific positions are not right for you.

The cannabis industry is expected to grow exponentially in the future, which means there are bound to be many opportunities for people looking for employment. If this industry is interesting to you, keep an eye out for opportunities that can use your specific skills.