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Every business and industry faces risks, but cannabis is one of the riskiest businesses to operate in the U.S. and abroad. Compliance culture is necessary to follow state and federal laws, build loyalty within the staff and build a solid reputation with the public. These steps are required to operate a successful cannabis company.

Increase Policy Compliance

Every type of business must have a strong compliance culture where the entire staff is aware of the necessary policies and procedures that they must follow. They have to know every risk that is associated with non-compliance. For instance, a cannabis business may have privacy policies regarding their customers that all employees must follow to avoid facing lawsuits.

Improve Risk Mitigation

Obedient employees do not take risks that jeopardize the values and integrity of the company. Compliance culture is necessary to mitigate many risks that confront a cannabis business every day. 

Some companies have high turnout rates, while others have problems with finding supportive media coverage. Some enterprises have disloyal employees who steal inventory or make negative comments about the products. Every bad behavior comes with a consequence that affects the entire company but is preventable by increasing discipline and compliance.

Avoid Whistleblowing

Workers who don’t follow the rules put themselves and others at risk of whistleblowing. This occurs when one employee exposes the wrongful behaviors of another. Whistleblowing may point out one person’s wrongdoings, but it makes the entire business lose its reputation. This unfortunate event can be avoided altogether.

Provide Incentives

Promoting compliance culture means promoting incentives that reward loyalty and obedience. Incentives include bonuses that are given to employees to meet certain milestones and promotions offered to the most ambitious professionals. The more rewards they receive, the more loyal workers become and the more respectable the business becomes.

Why Order is Important

Cannabis is not the most straightforward and most reputable substance to sell to the public. However, the times (and perspectives) are changing on that front. 

Although it’s been legalized in many states, selling this substance, whether it’s for medicinal or recreational purposes, will always be a challenge to overcome. Some consumers are ignorant about the benefits of taking cannabis and may worry about the risks. That is why establishing a compliance culture is so important for every cannabis entrepreneur.